Going With The Flow- PERUZA Flow Grader

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In this blog post, we embark on a comprehensive analysis of the automatization of fish weight grading. In the intricate world of the fishing industry, the economic impact extends far beyond the catch itself. Our focus here is on the fish processing sector, where efficiency and innovation are key to profitability and sustainability. The introduction of weight-based fish graders and other automated tools marks a significant shift in this industry. These technologies not only enhance productivity but also reduce waste, thereby optimizing operational costs.

Manual fish weight grading

Hand grading of fish is a traditional method employed in the seafood industry, requiring skilled laborers to sort fish based on size, weight, and quality. This method is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring each fish to be individually assessed and categorized. Moreover, hand grading introduces the potential for human error and inconsistencies in grading standards, which can impact the overall quality and pricing of the final product. Despite these challenges, hand grading remains prevalent, especially in smaller or more traditional fishing operations where the implementation of automated systems might not be feasible.

Automatic fish weight grading

Automated fish weight grading represents a modern technological innovation that has revolutionized the seafood processing industry. This system employs advanced sensors and algorithms to accurately and swiftly weigh and sort fish, significantly enhancing productivity. Automated weight grading ensures consistent product quality and size categorization and reduced need for manual oversight to as little as one operator. This efficiency not only optimizes the grading and packing processes but also aligns with specific market requirements. By decreasing reliance on manual labor and minimizing errors, automated weight grading plays a pivotal role in enhancing the economic efficiency of fish processing operations.

PERUZA Flow Grader

PERUZA Flow Grader is designed for the precise weighing and grading of various customers’ products. It is notable for its high processing capacity, PERUZA Flow Grader can handle products up to 120 products per minute, and its adaptability for wide range of product types, including fresh and frozen meat, poultry legs and fillets, fish pieces and fillets as well as fruits. PERUZA Flow Grader is fully adjustable for customer’s specific needs and factory’s layout. It requires one infeed and one outfeed operator (depending on customer’s requirements). The machine features a compact design, making it suitable for spaces where room is limited.

     Working principle

The working principle of the PERUZA Flow Grader involves a process where products are placed into specially made infeed conveyor, which guarantees that the products go one by one. These products are then transported and accelerated to a conveyor where each piece is weighed. Based on the weight, each piece is directed to the appropriate exit gate into the box, bin or tray. The result is separate calibrated product groups by their weight. Also, we have developed an option for combinations to reduce the overweight.


The PERUZA Flow Grader is engineered for speed and precision, featuring checkweighers with milligram accuracy. Its smart infeed system ensures rapid product separation without sacrificing speed, making it highly efficient. PERUZA Flow Grader is customizable to meet various processing needs, offering options for different gate numbers and layouts. Also, we provide option for batching in portions and outfeed conveyors, making seamless integration with the processes before and after. The system makes easy transition between output platforms without downtime. From trays or boxes to bins in a minute, to suit different needs and operational requirements.

  • High Capacity. Up to 120 pieces/min, making your production faster and more efficient.
  • Perfect for a wide range of products, from seafood and poultry to fruits.
  • With 4 to 16 exit gates as well as one lane, double lanes, twin lanes- we’ve got your needs covered.
  • Integration Ready. Can include batching process with exit conveyors.
  • Option for combinations to reduce overweight.
  • Easy to change exits from boxes to bins just by taking off the box table and putting the bin under the Flow Grader. (see the picture below).

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