Speed Meets Precision- PERUZA Full Speed Batcher Advantage

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When it comes to batching your product, either fish products, meats or vegetables, getting the exact dose of your product is crucial. That’s where for years PERUZA has been stepping in with our very precise and proven Weight Batcher. Now we’re excited to finally introduce you to our new Full Speed Batcher, which has been in the making for a long time to fully give you the most from the batching process. This new and improved model sets the industry standard not only for precision but also for speed. 

Performance- Speeding Ahead

PERUZA, with its deep understanding of industry dynamics, recognized the paramount importance of speed and made it a central focus of the new Full Speed Batcher. The new PERUZA Full Speed Batcher operates at a remarkable speed up to 24 doses per minute,  setting a new standard in the market for speed and efficiency. This substantial boost in performance translates to increased production output without any compromise on the precision that PERUZA Weight Batchers has always been known for.


Full batching line with PERUZA two heads Full Speed Batcher, Hopper elevator and Outfeed transporters

Precision- The Heart of PERUZA Weight Batcher

For years, PERUZA Weight Batchers has been synonymous with precision, and this legacy is deeply ingrained in the core of Full Speed Batcher. With the ability to maintain just 2- 3 pieces of overweight, Full Speed Batcher marks its position as one of the most precise batchers available in the market. It ensures that your products are consistently dosed to perfection, eliminating the possibility of waste and instilling a sense of trust in the minds of your customers.

Key parameters

Other market leading producers’ weight batchers
PERUZA Full Speed Batcher
Speed *
2 – 14 batches / min
24 batches / min **
Accuracy *
1 – 6 %
0,5 %
Size of batches
4 – 30 kg
2 – 35 kg

* Depending on batch size and product type.

** For two heads Full Speed Batcher.


Customer Story

“A few years ago, we bought PERUZA Weight Batcher, which was showing better accuracy and quality of fish than volumetric batcher. We also wanted to switch from other volumetric batchers, but there were no weight batchers in the market as fast as volumetric ones.  Because of the performance of the new PERUZA Full Speed Batcher, we can finally have speed, precision and quality in one batcher.”

   – Jelena, head of production at Kajax Fishexport


Option for Double Performance with Two Heads Full Speed Batcher


                  One Head Full Speed Batcher                                           Two Heads Full Speed Batcher

                       Up to 12 batches / min                                                        Up to 24 batches / min 

To sum up

With the new PERUZA Full Speed Batcher, you’re not only investing in the unparalleled precision that has defined the brand for years, but you’re also embracing an innovative and agile solution that can streamline your production processes and meet the demands of a fast-paced manufacturing environment. It’s PERUZA’s commitment to not just maintain its legacy of precision but also push the boundaries of speed and performance, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. Your search for precision and speed culminates with the new PERUZA High Speed Batcher.

If you’re interested in learning more about PERUZA Full Speed Batcher or other fish processing equipment, feel free to get in touch with our product expert at hugo.grube@peruza.com. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities of creating something great for your business!

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